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The origins of the oldest flying club in Kazakhstan go back to the distant 1936, when the training of aviation personnel for the USSR Air Force began in flying clubs. Flights were performed on recorded U-2s and the first domestic gliders.

Among the pupils of the flying club during the Second World War, the following were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union: Trouble L. A. (twice), Kulichev I. A., Churilin A. P., Malin K. Ya. Before the war, the first Kazakh female pilot Khiuaz underwent summer training Dospanov.

In 1953, a glider station was formed. In the period 1971-1991. 5 masters of sports of the USSR were trained by the glider unit of the Ural flying club DOSAAF: Shchedrov V.N., Konnov P.L., Galeeva T.A., Kireev A.V., Smirnov V.I.

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Ubyshev Talgat

chairman of the flying club, pilot, glider pilot. Talgat has been flying since 2004, has over 1000 flight hours. He is a repeated participant and winner of international gliding competitions in exercises. Talgat has been the head of the flying club since 2020.

Konnov Pavel

pilot instructor with 50 years of experience, who set several records of the Soviet Union in gliding. Pavel Leontievich is a master of sports of the USSR in gliding, a member of the Kazakhstan national team, a multiple winner of the KazSSR competition in exercises, and a multiple participant in all-Union competitions! At the moment, glider instructor Pavel Konnov has more than 10,000 flight hours and hundreds of pupils who continue their journey in aviation.

Basantsov Lev

tug pilot and technician. Types of aircraft: aircraft: An-2, Vilga-35A, Sport Star max, gliders: Blanik L-13 and Yantar-Standard 3. Lev Nikolayevich has more than 2 thousand flight hours and more than 30 years of experience in aviation!

Aybekov Aset

tug pilot, glider pilot. Aset Talapovich is a follower of the aviation traditions of the Aibekov family, multiple winner of international competitions in gliding, winner of the Russian Open Championship in gliding in 2006! Aset Talapovic has flown more than 1,000 hours since 2004 in aircraft and gliders operated by the flying club.

West Kazakhstan region, Airfield "Kordon"