Width 60 m
Length 520 m
Magnetic heading: 167°/347°
True Heading: 178°/358°
Threshold 1
N51.31131° E051.15902°
Threshold 2
N51.30664° E051.15930°
Non-solid (soil)
Lighting - No

Runway - 08/26
Width 50 m
Length 838 m
Magnetic heading: 078°/258°
True Heading: 089°/269°
Threshold 1
N51.30838° E051.15510°
Threshold 2
N51.30847° E051.16712°
Non-solid (soil)
Lighting - No

125.0 Mhz (AM)

When approaching, be careful: the airfield is used for training flights; on weekends, 2-3 aircraft are constantly in the air near the airfield.

Operating airfield
N51.30841° E051.15919°
Name "Cordon" (KORDON)
41 m (5 hPa)
Name [eng]: Kordon
Country: Kazakhstan
Affiliation: Common aviation
Index: ZD43 / ZD43
Magnetic declination (calculated): +11.3°
Region: West Kazakhstan region

2 big hangars, 19-25 open storage parkings

If you wish to visit the airfield, please contact the administration in before arrival and landing. The airfield is a 20-minute drive from Uralsk, waiting for a taxi from the city is 15-20 minutes. If necessary, accommodation at the airfield is possible.
Accommodation at the airfield in tents - alone with nature and mosquitoes. Toilet, water, electricity, cooking in the kitchen - it's all there at the airfield.
West Kazakhstan region, Airfield "Kordon" +77072722239