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Flights and training

Glider and airplane flights - sightseeing tours over the city of Uralsk and its environs, glider flight - you will see how the birds feel

Sightseeing flights

  • Sightseeing tour by plane

    10/20 min - 25 000/40 000 tenge (60/90 USD)

  • Sightseeing tour by sailplane

    10/20 min - 20 000/30 000 tenge (45/70 USD)
Flight training
  • Initial

    Learning the theory of aircraft control, takeoff, landing, work in the area, selection of landing sites, towing

  • Gliding and Aerobatics
    Flying in updrafts, performing aerobatics
  • Mastery

    Working with groups of pilots and individual masters of other flying clubs, training in the intricacies of record flights, holding competitions

West Kazakhstan region, Airfield "Kordon"